Saturday August 5th

What to do when you arrive onsite:

Site walk (write down or draw what you see, take notes)

This week's task list:

  • Building Hugelkultur bed: We're putting logs stick and other organic matter in a mound.

  • We're planting seeds and building a garden bed

  • Reinforcing pathways stepping stones and mulch pathways

  • Marking the areas with popsicle sticks or any stick and labeling it with permanent marker to indicate what is growing there and putting a PGTA symbol on every marker

  • Watering the existing beds

  • Picking up any garbage onsite

  • Chop and Drop

What to bring:

  • Water Bottle

  • Closed Toed Shoes

  • Protection from the Sun

  • Rain gear if needed

  • Your lunch or snacks to keep energy

  • Notebook and pen

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