About Us

We are a grassroots organization of people (villagers) that make up the #modernvillage.


Our mission is to:

Advocate for permaculture design and a Permaculture Lifestyle

Create opportunities for our members to implement sustainable food producing ecosystems

Build a hub of grass-roots networks made up of villagers who identify as: permies, educators, gardeners, agrarians, researchers, designers, artists, supporters, and mentors.

Our intention is to:

Demonstrate alternatives in food production

Build safe, healthy and vibrant community programs and supports 

Encourage and develop system supporting technologies through permaculture design

Promote economic viability of natural resources by establishing healthy relationships with nature 

And to strategically incorporate community engagement in community development in a holistic and inspired way.

In everything we are guided by our social, spiritual and ecological framework. By doing so, we ensure that we are offering a holistic and balanced approach fully accessible to our communities.

Permaculture, in its formal term, is a practicing movement for nearly four decades but identifies with pre-industrial examples of sustainable land use. Therefore it includes the preservation of indigenous cultures and practices along with ecological design principles in its mission as well. 




Our social framework is about our relationships with others and with our communities. 

Our spiritual framework is about the relationship we have with ourselves.

Our ecological framework is our relationship with with nature & spaces.

The Modern Village builds community resilience through projects, workshops, education, connecting with the community, growing food, creating permaculture food gardens in both urban and rural setting, creating healing and wellness spaces, intensive leadership training and addressing root causes of issues that affect our communities.


We are rooted in our communities and our projects, activities, and workshops are aimed towards affecting sustainable changes in holistic and tangible ways that reflect the needs of our communities and amplify marginalized voices.


We are more than just an organization, we are a village of people creating change through permaculture, decolonization, and anti-oppressive frameworks. We do this through social, spiritual and ecological platforms. By doing so, we ensure that we are offering a holistic and balanced approach fully accessible to our communities.

Understanding the Overall Permaculture Movement and the Ongoing Conversations in our Modernvillage