Permafying Our Education

We are offering an alternative, indigenous-centered, africentric platform, where children, youth, adults and elders can pursue knowledge that is immersive, dynamic and diverse in an environment that is safe, supporting, wholistic and enriching. 

Mentors, elders and teachers facilitate education through knowledgeable workshops, programs and classes.

We believe that education is a priority for the healthy development of the individual who will in turn support our communities. The more informed people are the more informed decisions they can make for themselves and with their families and community.


Through our academy, our intergenerational students are empowered as agents of transformation turn the future into a vibrant, positive reality  by laying the foundation now!

Our Programs

 Ayé Tuntun: Youth Summer Program 

     Young Leaders Program (YLP)      

 Leadership in Action Program (LIAP) 

Ayé Tuntun is an eco-leadership summer program for children and youth.

Our Young Leaders Program 

The Leadership in Action Program (LIAP) 

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