Retreat & PDC


Venture UP into your own backyard. The #modernvillage is hosting it's legendary gathering in Northern ON this summer. Whether as part of your summer vacation, or an integral piece of your personal long-term education/training goals, this should not be missed.

Hike, Ride, Fish, Swim, Relax, Build, Learn. Starting at $800 non-members, $750 members, this is a week long, completely personalized full-immersion nature retreat is overflowing with optional activities and for those digging into Permaculture, add-on a 72 hour PDC. Covers all ethics, principles, practicum, and practical techniques for resilient post-climate change living.


Your gifts and talents are needed to make any project like this truly a success. Let us know how you would like to contribute to this opportunity to make for a special and unique event. Bring your children. Bring your guitar. Bring seeds. A change is happening. Will you be a part of it?

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